Healthy Packed Lunches – check it’s balanced!

It’s a clinic day for me today which means I’m away from home for lunch.  On the days when I am away from home I usually take my lunch with me.  That way I look forward to what I have, it’s ready to eat when I get chance and I know exactly what I’m eating!  Being a Dietitian there’s one thing that I always ensure and that is it’s balanced, ready to fuel my afternoon and avoid those dips in energy!  Let’s unpick my lunch…

I have a wheat and white wrap filled with grated cheddar cheese, lettuce and chopped red pepper with a squeeze of salad cream and a handful of cherry tomatoes on the side.  Followed by defrosted frozen berries and mango with greek natural yoghurt for after. 

The wrap provides a complex carbohydrate source with some fibre from the added wheat germ which will be digested slowly over the course of the afternoon to provide a longer lasting supply of energy for my brain.  The grated cheese (about the size of a matchbox) provides a dairy portion giving me calcium for my bones and teeth, contributes some protein which is important for satiety amongst other things and the fat-soluble vitamin A required for normal structure and function of our skin and mucous membranes, immune system and vision.  The salad in my wrap and cherry tomatoes meets one of my 5-a-day and I tick another 5-a-day with my berries and mango.  Remember a portion of fruit and vegetables is 80g (about 1 handful).  A bonus dairy portion is met with the greek natural yoghurt.

I could of course have had all sorts of different things but today’s lunch was a case of what was left in the fridge and cupboards before the shopping arrives later!  Whatever I choose, I always ensure there is a complex carbohydrate source such as wholegrain breads, crackers, couscous, pasta or rice; a protein source such as houmous, falafel, tuna, egg, lean meats, peanut butter or pulses; and a couple of fruit and vegetable portions to meet the 5-a-day or more target.  It’s all made the night before as there’s not enough time in the morning and packed in a cool bag with an ice block to keep it cool until lunch.

I nearly forgot…flapjack!  Homemade with oats, coconut, apricots and raisins…just because!  I may have it after lunch if I’m particularly hungry or save it for mid afternoon with a cup of tea.  Yum!

If you don’t know if you’re nutritionally balanced throughout the day or have health needs or busy work patterns that make it tricky to plan your meals then I can work with you to review your diet and current situation.  From there I can support and guide you to achieve the right balance of nutrients to meet your health goals.  For personalised and professional support then do contact me at or via the contact page. 

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