My first ever Fruit & Veg box!

Having just taken receipt of my first ever Fruit & Veg box it got me thinking about how me and my family’s eating habits and food menu has changed since lockdown began.   As with many of us, I am now catering for the whole family to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, at home every day. We seem to be baking a lot more cakes too!  There are no school lunches, freebie work lunches, odd meal out or coffee and cake with friends to ease the meal planning in the week.  With a supermarket shop taking so much longer and the fact that you can’t necessarily get everything you need or want due to low stocks, combined with online delivery slots now scarce, I am meal planning for well over a week in order to limit the number of trips I need to make to the shops.  Keen to work out a more practical way forward (and avoid a mega shop every couple of weeks) I’ve looked into supporting the local butcher and bakery and found that my usual greengrocer’s market stall was changing to deliveries through this difficult time!

I have always liked the idea of receiving a weekly fruit and vegetable box and the element of surprise of what arrives in a weekly box, then being creative with your seasonal ingredients would be good fun.  But for various reasons, despite researching various companies, I’ve never quite got around to actually ordering one!  I think that I might change now!

Granted, my supplies this week (pictured) are not all seasonal but it does give the family fresh produce that will supplement my store cupboard, freezer and tinned supplies nicely for the week ahead.  Now it’s time to start menu planning.  So far I’m thinking spinach and pea frittata (I have some local eggs), stir fry, leek and potato soup, mushroom stroganoff and plenty of vegetables to go with the Easter Sunday Roast dinner…what would you cook?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

More tips to follow on menu planning and staying well during lockdown but in the meantime for personalised and professional dietary guidance email me at [email protected] or via the contact page.  All consultations are currently offered via video call online or by telephone due to COVID19 restrictions.

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