“We would like to thank you for all your advice and helpful tips on our diets, you are very professional in all you do. You have answered all of our questions, accurately as you could. We are now trying to implement your advice in our daily diets, and we feel more confident, thanks to you. We would not hesitate to recommend you to any of our friends or family, we found the whole experience very informative.”
K.D. A.D. Sep 2021

I do not have the words to express to you how thankful I am.  I found so much help, even from our first visit. You listened carefully to all my thoughts and helped me to see my weak areas of my life that may be affecting my eating behaviour. I know that I haven’t been the best case and that I am still at the start of my journey to weight loss, but I honestly feel that I am in the right way having your friendly but very professional approach to guide me. Thank you.
I.K. Jul 2021

I got in touch with Lydia in March 2021 as I was looking to lose the last of my baby weight. I wanted expert advice on this as I have had a complicated relationship with food in the past and didn’t want to go back to the old habits of deprivation and obsession. I explained my situation to Lydia and she supported me, over 3 months, with compassion and patience, designing a strategy that helped me lose weight without losing my mind! Her advice is so sensible and sustainable that I believe this will now be the way I eat for life. I feel much more positively towards food and am becoming increasingly confident in my attitude to eating. Thank you for all the help, Lydia.’ 
A.T. Jun 2021 

“I contacted Lydia after being diagnosed with osteoporosis as I wanted to ensure that I was getting the correct nutrients to support bone health and also heart health as I suffer from heart disease.
I have always been interested in health and nutrition but had recently felt overwhelmed by all the information which is so readily available. And I do have a tendency to overcomplicate things, but Lydia helped me cut through everything and focus on good basic nutrition, making my diet more balanced and not over supplementing!
I thoroughly enjoyed my two sessions with Lydia and would fully recommend her services. She is friendly, professional and provides good, honest, fad free advice.  Thank you Lydia.”
L.C. Apr 2021

I reached out to Lydia in January 2021 after finding myself trapped in a cycle of heavy dieting followed by regular binge eating. I was steadily gaining weight and felt I was losing control of the situation. 
Working within the fitness industry, I felt I had a good understanding of nutrition, but Lydia was able to dispel several of the nutrition ‘myths’ that I had been living by. 
Lydia has successfully coached me into understanding how to achieve proper balance, both on my plate and in life. Her knowledge and guidance about food and the emotions or events directly connected to eating is second to none and her delivery of this is fantastic. Lydia is professional but light-hearted and really took the time to understand my needs before prescribing advice for change. I have spent 12 weeks focusing gently on adjusting my eating habits according to Lydia’s advice and have seen a significant weight loss and a change of around 40cm in measurements around the body, but more than that I have enjoyed a more balanced mood, less (to no) guilt around food choices, better sleep patterns and better recovery after exercise. 
I would recommend Lydia’s services to anyone who is ready to remove ‘diets’ from their lifestyle long term and live in a way that feels truly balanced and sustainable. Thank you, Lydia.” 

T.B. Apr 2021

 “I contacted Lydia for help with getting my 14-month-old daughter to eat. I wanted to also check that she was getting all of her nutrients. She would refuse nearly every home cooked meal and would only eat certain foods. Lydia assured me that the situation was not as bad as I had thought and provided me with the necessary tools to encourage her to eat. After just one week of implementing Lydia’s suggestions my daughter’s eating improved hugely and we are no longer experiencing tears at the dinner table! I am also more aware of what type of food to give her to make sure that she is receiving all the nutrients she needs. Lydia provided excellent suggestions as well as information sheets to explain the reasoning.” 
A.S. February 2021

“I have CFS, and am becoming a vegetarian. Lydia was able to give me the background information I needed to understand how I need to put together my meals and give my body the nutrients it needs. She tailored the sessions around what I was interested in, and I learnt a lot about why I was hungry, and how to work out whether I needed to eat at that time. She was a pleasure to speak to, really friendly and professional, and our sessions were easy to understand and I could always ask questions if I was unsure of any points. Lydia clearly had a great understanding of my health condition which made it a lot easier, as I didn’t have to explain why I was eating what I was or why my life is the way it is. She was clearly knowledgeable, and enjoyed sharing her knowledge, which created a lovely dynamic. It was a real pleasure to speak to Lydia for our sessions”.  
E.K. December 2020

“I learnt more from Lydia in 10 minutes than I have in years of T.V. programmes!”
Qinetiq, November 2020

“I contacted Lydia when I was suffering from really bad reflux problems, affecting my quality of life, stress levels and asthma. My symptoms were very uncomfortable and unmanageable. Medication had not done much to help, so I decided to take a look at my diet and I am so glad I did. Previously, my diet was very unbalanced and erratic with far too big portion sizes. I am also a nurse doing shift work. Lydia gave me so much guidance and help as to eating a balanced diet, meal timings, working it out with shift work and making sure I was getting everything I needed as a vegetarian. My symptoms have improved so much as has my quality of life and overall wellbeing. I am so glad I contacted Lydia for help, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Thank you!”
R.D. October 2020

“I have really enjoyed my sessions with Lydia, she’s so easy to talk to and the information, advice and help she has given me over the last few weeks has been life-changing. I’ve struggled for ages trying to achieve a healthy weight after being diagnosed with an under active thyroid 14 years ago.  I was feeling sluggish, tired and pretty low about it all.  After meeting with Lydia she made some small changes to my diet and suggested I up my calorie intake slightly and also include weight resistance training to my normal exercise programme to try to build muscle.  I now wake up every day feeling energised, refreshed and ready to face the world.  I’m enjoying my workouts having found a programme that fits with my routine and lifestyle.  I have lost a bit of weight but more importantly, my body shape has changed and I can now fit in clothes that I haven’t worn for years!  Thank you so much Lydia”. 
J.C. August 2020

“Thank you Lydia for presenting to my colleagues about the link between diet and mental health. As a mental health first aider in Bristol I am always looking for new ways we can educate ourselves about looking after our mental health. I really enjoyed your presentation on ‘food and mood’; it was both informative and engaging and it has definitely educated me and given me some new ideas! Your passion and knowledge was obvious throughout and I appreciated your flexibility working remotely using our IT systems”.
A.G-W, QinetiQ, Bristol. July 2020

“Thank you Lydia for your patience and ploughing through my pages and pages of food diaries!  You gave me a fresh approach to how I look at what I eat and drink, specifically increasing my fibre and daily liquid content and watching my wine intake!”
F.A. June 2020

“Thank you Lydia, you surpassed my expectations with your friendly, highly professional, and tailored approach to my specific dietary needs at a time of much  change in my life (pregnancy, new country, newly diagnosed thyroidism condition, specific dietary requirements).  You handled each of these challenges with enthusiasm and attention to detail providing me with highly valuable recommendations and dietary suggestions. I only wish I’d found you earlier! Thanks again” 🙂 
R.A. May 2020