Eat Better Today: Resources

Enhance your knowledge with these free resources from Lydia, Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant.

FREE Resources

Learn my 6 Pillars so you can Eat Better Today

Reassess the why and how you eat so you can adjust what you eat.

Food & Mood: 5 Points to Ponder

Consider these 5 points to work out if your food choices and eating habits are affecting your mood.

QUIZ: Craving or hunger?

Test your knowledge to see how in tune you are with your hunger signals.

Client Story: Meet Tess

Tess felt trapped in a cycle of heavy dieting followed by episodes of overeating before working with me.

She was unhappy with her weight but wanted to break free from dieting and heal her relationship with food. After a few months, Tess had adjusted her eating habits and worked on her emotional reactions to food. She now has more energy, improved mood and feels happy around food again.

Make dinner dilemmas a thing of the past!

With my Free, Eat Better Today Meal Planner, you will master the art of planning your meals and snacks.

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